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Ti'lomihk Falls, Rogue River,
Gold Hill, Oregon
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Restoring Ti'lomikh
The "Sword" in the Storytelling Stone

 Ti'lomikh Falls was a large Takelma Indian village and the site of the Salmon Ceremony, the largest Native American gathering in Southern Oregon. The Gold Hill Whitewater Center is working with Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrm, the oldest living Takelma, and the City of Gold Hill to develop a First Nations Monument and to create a statewide First Nations Day.


6th Annual Event

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Funded by the State of Oregon and the Oregon Community Foundation, the whitewater design process began with Olympic Gold Medalist Oliver Fix, "King of the Rogue" Covey Baack, and Olympic slalom course designers Rick McLaughlin and John Anderson. Now we are finalizing designs and are working through the permitting process.

Get Involved

We need help with the King of the Rogue, implementing Phase 1 of our Riparian Trails Plan (along the parking lot), and measuring the water velocities in Mugger's Alley to make sure our whitewater features improve fish passage. Also we're helping to build a First Nations monument to help Grandma Aggie with her drive to make the 2nd Monday in October the official First Nations Day in Oregon. To help, email


"Crazy Pete" Brings Sawyer Paddles & Oars to Gold Hill

Sawyer Paddles & Oars in Gold Hill


"Crazy Pete," President of Saywer Paddles & Oars and member of the Gold Hill White Water Center Team is bringing Sawyer to Gold Hill. Retail sales of paddles, oars and other river amenities are available at the new Sawyer Station.

The First Salmon Ceremony


On July 1, 2012, a team of Olympic athletes from the Gold Hill Whitewater Center brought Grandma Aggie by raft to the Story Chair. To see the new Oregon Public Broacasting video of the 2013 Salmon Ceremony - as well as  Grandma's epic voyage - click on the picture.